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About Us

Hello! I'm Michael Adams - I'm a broadcast and print journalist, and also a presenter, hailing from County Durham and currently living in Manchester. Although I hate to admit it, prior to August 2016 I hadn't actually seen an episode of Cold Feet before. In fact, CF began two years before I was even born. My mum pleaded with me to binge watch the first five series' before the revival began, and I immediatly fell in love. Turning to Twitter to chat about the new series, I soon discovered that there wasn't an official platform for CF, nor was there much fan presence, or an official website. So to coincide with series six, episode one, I set up a small Twitter account and accompanying website to include news about the show, and a few facts and character profiles. Since then they have both grown, and now it's the biggest fansite online, and I'm really bloody chuffed, because not only do I get to enjoy my show, but I can also weave my journalistic experience into the mix too by writing about it (it also gives me something to do other than work or uni coursework). I really hope you enjoy the site, which I can now proudly say boasts a tonne of spoilers and exclusives direct from the production team. Please feel free to drop me a message on Twitter to say hi - I'm @MichaelAdamsUk. 

Special Thanks

Without the help of Rich Cain at the team at Ian Johnson PR, none of what I have achieved through this site would have happened. It was Rich who, during series seven, began supplying the episode synopsis's and pictures for the website preview, and now frequently supplies official material from Cold Feet for me to use on Twitter or on the website. The incredible Jacey Salles has also been a huge support throughout everything, even putting a good word in for me with the production team. It was the crew, especially producer Kathryn O'Connor, that made me so welcome on set three times across the production of series eight, allowing me not only to have a nosey around the CF homes, but also appear in the background of a few scenes. I also owe Kathryn a lot for introducing me to the incredible CF creator Mike Bullen, who took time out of his busy schedule to chat with me about the show. Without him, there would be none of this! Cheers Mike, and cheers to all of the cast and crew - John Thomson, Fay Ripley, Hermione Norris, Rebecca Gatward and Mags Conway to name a few, for your continued support. It's thoroughly appreciated.

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