Pete & Jenny's House

Pete and Jenny's House is the only house from the original series still featuring in the new series - Adam moved on after Rachel's death and Karen moved out of her house sometime between the fifth and sixth series. Their grand property is simply iconic with lots of distinguishing features, and during the production of the eighth series we were over the moon to have a look around.


Now believe it or not, but the Gifford's house is actually just a set at the Space Studios in Gorton, Manchester, where all of the series's interiors have been filmed since series six. The pilot episode in 1997 was shot on location at the real house in leafy East Didsbury, and although a faithful modified replica set has been used since series one, the exterior still features in the series to this day. The other Cold Feet houses seen since series six are all within walking distance of one another, but within the show characters are seen to drive between them to establish that they're further apart than they actually are.

The actual house sold for £865,000 in August 2015 and below are pictures and the floorplan of the real property, taken from Rightmove. Note how similar the current replica set is to the actual property. You can also see some of the features seen during the pilot episode that are no longer on the set, such as the smaller kitchen with the stove fireplace on the gable end wall rather than in the centre. The real property also boasts six bedrooms and a basement, though Pete and Jen's version seems to only have four bedrooms and no basement has ever been seen.

When production began for the sixth series, they had to recreate the original set that was seen from series one to five. While it is an almost exact replica, it is slightly larger and a wall in the kitchen has been changed to remove a window and facilitate the large patio doors in the dining room. Unlike soap operas Coronation Street and Emmerdale which also use studio sets, Cold Feet does not remove the "fourth wall" where the camera would stand, and instead the crew just work around the furniture. The sets also have ceilings, which is not common occurrence in soap operas either. Series producer Kathryn O'Connor told us that this allows for natural shadows to be cast from the false studio lighting. The pictures below are of the set at the Space Studios in Gorton, alongside a floorplan of the series six set.


Dining room




Unseen room

Check out the pictures of Pete and Jen's humble abode above, and also head over to our Twitter page @ColdFeetTV for more. We've even done a walk through video, which you can view below!

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